Round table proposal

It has come to the attention of zine radio that some participants of the events I have recorded do not wish to make public their involvement. In fact, the events themselves may be at risk of extinction, should powers that be gain knowledge of the location or date and time of a given show.

This would devastate yours truly.

I rely on this outlet no less than any other member of our community. Even when I am not recording the music or documenting the enthusiasm and loving nature of persons involved in making it all happen, I get from attendance to shows something I haven’t put a finger on in twenty years of hanging out. 

…identity? …comradary?… Spirituality?

Whatever this casual network provides, zineradio is dedicated from the first to its preservation, cultivation and growth. I am excited to announce that anyone who wants to can help me decide how best to avoid doing harm to our precious cultural resource, while allowing access to my archive of the scene’s performing achievements.

My vision of the podcast is something highly segmented and listenable. Informative but not preachy. I also feel it’s important that more comprehensive, more raw content should be linked to the site. I recognize that not everybody who goes to a house-show wants to be party to my project, hence my policy of prior restraint concerning its content and its constituents. In other words, if you’re on the show in any way, you get to listen before it’s posted; at which point your approval or disapproval is absolute.

In the spirit of this collaborative approach, I am inviting interested parties to come to a local radio studio for a round table workshop of policies and practices to protect the privacy and integrity of the very thing we at zineradio plan to podcast, namely how badass our town is at putting on shows.


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Celebrating DIY culture in central Arkansas.

2 thoughts on “Round table proposal”

  1. Hey, how did your recording of the Lushes show from last night turn out? Mine turned out good except for a little crowd noise. Michael


    1. Hey Michael.

      I had to settlr for a mono, line-out recording. My levels were totally safe and I hope to tweak it and post it soon. I know you have visited my little amateur site. I appreciate your follow through. I look forward to hearing from you in the future.

      Keep watching the site. I’m going to add to it soon.

      I have to say I am surprised that you captured any crowd noise whatsoever.



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