Equinox launch

  This is an IPA. 

  This is the latest copy of UALR’s literary magazine

I’m at the launch event in the back room of Vino’s Brew pub and pizzeria. They didn’t do this type of rollout when I was in school. Good to see the department has gotten a sort of feel for promotion.

The Little Rock Literary Festival is coming this week. It’s national poetry month. EQUINOX has come a long way. It’s even got a sestina in it. I just picked it up, so a more serious review must wait. 

126 pgs.

8 1/2″ x 7″


Working on a podcast/website/blog/whatever

So I don’t type well with my thumbs.
A little over a year ago, I had a bright idea to start a radio show about the town where I live and how cool it is, considering. I had just started working at a radio station for actual pay, and the equipment and talent at hand had inspired me. It seemed easy enough.
Since the first couple of conversations I had with the station’s program manager, I have rethought my bright idea. But I’m still compiling content and working it into something listenable.
There will be more posts about my idea coming soon. So stay tuned, as they say.


I would like to announce an invitation for anyone who would, to link their content to this blog/podcast/whatever. Naturally you ought to warn us if your destination contains anything explicit.

Please, link your stuff to my stuff. It’s fun and improves my and your chance of being noticed for doing creative work. We can collaborate if we have to. I’m really leaving that up to circumstance. You’re invited, I’m saying.

People who know easy mart dan know there’s no money here. Your incentive is simply adding to this engine of sharing and celebration. I have ideas. More to come, of course.